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VAT Registration Online Dubai

The value-added tax (VAT) is assessed on the value added to goods and services purchased and sold in the EU. Any activity that consists of the production, distribution, or provision of goods or services falls under this law. In order to participate in European trade, VAT registration is almost always required. Businesses receive a VAT number that allows them to handle VAT duties in that country. Purchasing goods for your business is also eligible for VAT reimbursement. Moreover, if you plan on submitting your VAT returns, paying your VAT duties, and doing business with other tax-registered companies, you will need to register for VAT.

Who Should Register With the VAT?

Do all businesses have to register for VAT? Businesses must register for VAT only if their annual aggregate turnover exceeds a defined threshold. The registration threshold determines whether an enterprise must register or, alternatively, can apply for registration or can seek exemption from VAT registration

In UAE, VAT registration is categorized as follows:
  • Mandatory VAT Registration
  • Voluntary VAT Registration
  • Exemption from VAT Registration

VAT Registration Online

Businesses in the United Arab Emirates whose turnover exceeds AED 375,000 must register for VAT. The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has launched an online VAT registration portal to make it simpler for businesses to register. FTA has already announced deadlines based on the turnover of businesses, and registration will be carried out in phases. Businesses should determine their VAT registration obligations, but they should also know how to apply for VAT registration online as well as the level of information required for registration online.

As a result, familiarizing yourself with the type of details required and the steps for completing the online VAT registration process Dubai will help you prepare well in advance. Thus, a registration process may be completed easily and unnecessary delays caused by incorrect details may be avoided. Registration applications may even be rejected because of incorrect details.

    • Extra secured and have the highest privacy level
    • Login to your e-Service Account
    • VAT Registration Form: The Online VAT registration in Dubai form consists of eight sections, under which the details that are needed for completing the VAT registration must be supplied.
    • About the applicant
    • Details of the applicant
    • Contact details
    • Banking details
    • Business relationships
    • About the VAT registration
    • Declaration
    • Review & submit

Online VAT registration Dubai considers the total value of the taxable supplies made for the current month and the 11 months prior to the current month when calculating annual supplies. To determine whether annual supplies will exceed the threshold, we will also consider the supply value of the next 30 days.

A non-resident taxable person (a taxable person without a fixed establishment) will not be subject to any threshold for determining his VAT registration. Non-resident taxable persons must register for VAT.

If the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) requests it on your behalf, our consultants are responsible for submitting all documents, records, and financial records to them. Online VAT registration Dubai agents will act as Tax Agent on your behalf and handle all tax matters with the FTA. Also, we have a team of thriving VAT specialists who can assist your business in overcoming roadblocks such as not knowing VAT rules & regulations, structural and compliance issues, and not having sufficient resources and compliant accounting systems.

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