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VAT Registration Services in Dubai

VAT Registration Services in Dubai

Value-added tax or VAT is a form of indirect tax levied on the use or consumption of goods and services at each point of sale. Ultimately, the cost is borne by the end consumer. Companies and foundations charge VAT on behalf of the government. With the introduction of VAT in the United Arab Emirates on January 1, 2018, consumers are expected to pay 5% for the products or services they use. With the right VAT registration services in Dubai, Sharjah and across UAE, you can easily manage the VAT aspects of your business. Registration under UAE VAT Law includes the authorities’ approval of your business. Talking to a VAT provider in the UAE facilitates all VAT-related processes and helps your business comply with the UAE’s VAT laws and regulations. IBM GLOBAL is the leading online Dubai company VAT registration and dubai trade vat registration, in the United Arab Emirates and provides exclusive services for VAT such as online VAT registration, and VAT accounting and bookkeeping Dubai

Who Should Get VAT Registration UAE

Companies and individuals involved in any business activity whose sales volume exceeds the mandatory VAT registration UAE limit specified in the relevant national VAT laws must register for VAT. However, this threshold does not apply to foreign organizations.

Voluntary VAT registration in Dubai is optional when the company’s turnover is below the mandatory VAT registration limit – the potential amount repaid upon purchase of the company and compliance costs to the tax administration must be carefully considered and reported before such a decision is made. Companies that are not VAT registered cannot charge VAT on their sales and cannot claim VAT on their input.

Companies need to record all business transactions that include:

  • Import or export
  • Tax invoices
  • Delivery and purchase of goods exempt from VAT or free of zero-classified goods
  • Debit or credit notes

Types of VAT Registration in UAE

Under the VAT law of the United Arab Emirates, there are two types of VAT registration in UAE. One is a mandatory VAT registration, and the other is optional VAT registration.

A. Mandatory VAT registration:

  • Any natural or others who have delivered/sold more than 375,000 dirhams in the last 12 months must be forced to register VAT in the UAE.
  • Persons not resident in the UAE (non-resident) must forcibly register VAT in the UAE if they wish to deliver in the UAE regardless of sales volume. This mandatory VAT registration does not apply to these non-residents unless another person is responsible for paying VAT on behalf of these supplies.
  • In addition, if delivery/sales are estimated to exceed AED 375,000 in the next 30 days, you must also apply for the required UAE VAT registration.

B. Voluntary VAT registration:

  • If your delivery/sales over the last 12 months exceed AED 187,500 / (but less than AED 375,000 /), you can choose to register with VAT in the UAE.
  • In some cases, anyone who estimates that delivery/sales will exceed AED 187,500 (but less than AED 375,000 /) in the next 30 days may, for reasonable reasons, choose to voluntarily sign up for VAT.
  • If your taxable expenses in the last 12 months exceed AED 187500 /, you have the option of registering VAT in the UAE.
  • In some cases, those who reasonably estimate that their taxable costs will exceed AED 187,500 / for the next 30 days may choose to record their VAT based on any VAT registration method.

Process Involved in VAT

VAT Registration

Starts @ 299

In the UAE, all businesses and individuals with annual sales of AED 375,000 or more must register for VAT. All individuals and businesses that comply with these limits must register VAT to continue their business activities in any UAE emirate.

In the United Arab Emirates, the VAT registration services takes place online, and anyone wishing to register for VAT can access the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) online portal to start the VAT registration process.

VAT Invoicing

Organizations are required to take steps to ensure that invoices issued under VAT are accurate and complete. According to the Federation of Tax Administration (FTA), in the UAE, there are two types of VAT invoices. If delivery is less than the specified amount, it is essential to maintain simplified VAT invoices, especially for supermarkets and the retail industry. However, if you deliver more than the specified amount, you will need to prepare a detailed invoice.

VAT Accounting

VAT accounting is relatively new to UAE companies as VAT has just been introduced. All taxable businesses must keep their books orderly and evenly, and all documents should be kept to avoid fines and penalties. A fine of 10,000 dirhams will be levied if the taxable individual or company does not keep the required records, books, documents, and 50,000 dirhams levied on repeated violations.

IBM Global offers its VAT accounting services in Dubai, Sharjah and across UAE. Outsourcing VAT accounting services allows customers to focus on their business and reduce costs and pressure. IBM Global processes VAT and accounting/bookkeeping to prevent companies from being fined or fined. Call us now!

VAT Return Filing

The VAT return must be filed within 28 days of the end of the taxable period, according to the specific date and period stated on the VAT application or VAT certificate. All taxpayers use the electronic services portal on the Federal Tax Authority’s website to file their tax returns.

To make VAT filing in Dubai process smoother and easier for taxpayers, the Federal Tax Service (FTA) has released Dubai company VAT registration guide for users concerning VAT filing, tax payment, VAT refund.

VAT Audit

Businesses in the UAE need to prepare for official and mandatory audits from 2019, as VAT has been introduced in the UAE for one year. All businesses must be ready to be audited by the UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA). This practice ensures accurate bookkeeping and appropriate submission of VAT returns. Audits are performed at the workplace or the location specified by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). The FTA notifies the company at least 5 days in advance. The FTA conducts tax audits during official opening hours.

VAT Training

IBM Global is pleased to provide online VAT registration services in Dubai and VAT training in Dubai and Sharjah, and across UAE. This specially designed VAT training program analyzes the rules and regulations of VAT in the UAE, the most important need to ensure the correct and accurate filing of VAT returns on time. It clearly shows the content, procedures, and management. Our VAT training in Dubai ensures that all procedures comply with FTA standards. VAT training is one of the most sought-after courses in Sharjah, Dubai, UAE.

Why Choose IBM Global?

  • Timely, accurate, and cost-effective VAT support/advice from VAT experts on issues and problems faced by businesses.
  • Analysis of the impact of value-added tax.
  • Develop solutions designed to provide tax advice to clients and make recommendations.
  • Value-added tax consultancy service through meetings and discussions.
  • Consultation service during the call.
  • Questions or explanations raised over the phone/email will be answered or reported via the phone/email itself.
  • VAT consulting service for personal visits to the client’s office.
  • Address industry-specific issues with precise guidelines on UAE VAT compliance.
  • Customs advise and matters related to the specific area.

For more information on UAE value-added tax advice, please contact us.

Hiring VAT registration services in Dubai, UAE has lots of advantages and the online VAT registering process is also very simple with us. Obtain the assistance of professionals or Dubai company vat registration who are experienced in VAT solutions. You can save more time and effort and we maintain confidential data for your business purposes. We also ensure proper VAT recording for your business. We help in VAT planning and improve the entire process of finance in Sharjah, Dubai and across UAE

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How Is VAT Registered?

To register VAT in Dubai, UAE, log in to and enter the required information to register for an e-service account. Then log in to your account and click Register VAT in Control Panel to start VAT registration.

Do Non-Residents Need To Register For VAT?

If a “non-resident” provides taxable goods in the UAE, you must register with VAT unless the UAE resident is responsible for posting VAT on those goods. A non-resident can register for VAT in the UAE with the help of a tax adviser.

Can I Issue A Receipt Instead Of A VAT Invoice?

No, the registered taxable person will issue a tax invoice as specified in the free trade agreement. There are two types of invoices: simple tax invoices for supermarkets and retailers and detailed tax invoices.

How Quickly Will The Refund Be Made?

When a refund request is submitted, authorities will review the application within 20 business days, notify the applicant (taxable person) by email and accept or reject the submitted request. If accepted, you will receive a refund within 5 business days.

Is It Possible To Impose An Import Tax On Duty-Free Goods?

No, Companies that provide exempted goods or services may not require input VAT to be paid at the time of purchase. The temporary sales tax paid is the company’s expense.

Can I Claim The Tax Paid On The Import Of Goods?

Yes, taxes paid on the import of goods are entitled to a temporary consumption tax. It can be restored via the reverse charging mechanism.

Is It Possible To Impose A Temporary Consumption Tax On Fuel Costs?

Yes, Fuel costs may be required specifically for business purposes.

Which Sectors Are Exempt From VAT In Dubai?

UAE VAT-exempt supplies in Dubai include financial services such as life insurance and life insurance reinsurance, Financial services not offered at explicit fees, rebates, commissions, rebates, or similar consideration, Residential buildings other than residential real estate subject to zero-rating Land and domestic transportation.

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