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A move to UAE can largely eliminate your tax obligations as India has a GST rate of 18% and imposes several other commercial taxes. Our tax consultancy Dubai will help you save on taxes when you start a company in Dubai. Companies in the UAE are only liable to pay 5% VAT, which is refundable, instead of the huge taxes in India. We provide you with an overview of the VAT registration services in Dubai in this article. Furthermore, it lists the information that needs to be provided to complete the VAT registration form.

Business owners in the region have long taken advantage of this tax haven. However, since 2018, taxation & VAT services UAE have become mandatory after value-added tax (VAT) was introduced not just in the UAE, but also in most GCC countries. In order to get compliant with the Federal Tax Authority of the UAE, simple regimes were put in place. Because tax registration Dubai & VAT services is crucial requirements for businesses.

For more information on how to maximize your tax savings and how to channel your funds through the UAE, contact our tax consultancy Dubai. Our Dubai VAT Consultants will help you learn about the benefits the country has to offer in terms of taxation! If you choose our exclusive packages for tax registration Dubai & VAT services UAE, you can file returns and maintain records easily.

You can hire our VAT consultants to register your business for VAT in Dubai and guide you through the voluntary or mandatory qualification process of VAT registration. We assess the impact of VAT laws on business transactions in order to identify financial risks and implement VAT effectively. The Federal Tax Authority of the UAE certifies Tax Registration Services Dubai tax agents specializing in UAE tax laws, financial laws, and legal structures. With our years of experience and expertise, we can also help your business understand how taxation impacts it in the UAE.

FTA’s online portal is used to apply for Tax Registration Numbers (TRNs) in the UAE. Tax Registration Number (TRN) is an individual number assigned to each taxpayer. Tax Registration Number is a unique number issued by the UAE’s Federal Tax Authority (FTA) to companies and individuals who have registered for VAT in the UAE. It is a 15-digit number that will enable the Federal Tax Authority to distinguish you from others. This number should be referenced in various government-issued documents, such as the VAT Return Filing, Tax Invoice, Tax Credit Note, etc.

After registering for VAT in Dubai, a Tax Registration Number (TRN) will be automatically issued to the company or individual. It is necessary for companies to provide the TRN since it will allow the government to keep track of all the transactions made by a company or an individual.

Companies or traders who have received their TRN certificate can charge VAT to their customers. A company that does not have a Tax Registration Number in UAE will not charge VAT to their customers.

How important is the UAE Tax Registration Number?

The TRN allows both individual and commercial transactions to be tracked. Additionally, the TRN facilitates smooth communication between the supplier and buyer. In order to claim the tax back on goods and services purchased by the companies, they must have the TRN. Here are some other situations in which the TRN is important:

  • The TRN is a unique identifier for the registrant
  • The customer will gladly pay the VAT amount with a TRN on the tax invoice of the registrant
  • The registrant can claim the VAT credit on eligible purchases and expenses when the TRN appears on the tax invoice
  • The registrant must quote the TRN in all communications with FTA
  • Businesses must include the TRN in documents related to VAT, such as tax invoices, VAT returns, and tax credit notes

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