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IT consultancy services in Dubai

It is a process that focuses on advising businesses on how to leverage the power of IT in achieving operational efficiency and business goals. We help businesses design and implement the most efficient IT infrastructure that can support their growth strategy.

As the leading IT consultancy services company in Dubai offering the most strategic IT consultancy services at competitive rates, IBM Global can help businesses implement and run the best IT solutions & services that can support business growth.

Our IT consultancy services are all-encompassing, and are aimed at enabling our clients focus on their core business mission while we take care of the entire IT needs of the business. We are committed to offering hassle-free IT solutions so that your business gets the perfect and most optimized hardware and software support for smooth and seamless business operation.

IT consulting is a broad array of services related to information technology and implying a high degree of professional expertise of the provider. Typically, IT consulting companies are made up of seasoned professionals with many years of experience in the field, who are highly specialized in one or several particular areas but also possess considerable latitude as well as team leadership and project management skills.

IT Consultant features Dubai


  • Information security and data protection;
  • Computer networking, telephony, and voice-over technologies;
  • Software engineering and application development;
  • Internet, intranet and mobile web development;
  • Information and business system management;
  • staffing and outsourcing.

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