Business Formation in Dubai


Be a successful entrepreneur right in the global city of Dubai.

If you are confused as to how to start your business in Dubai, we at IBM Global are here to help you out with the best and most cost-effective business formation services customized for you.

IBM Global is one of the leading business setup company in dubai offering 360-degree solutions with regard to business formation in Dubai Free Zones, mainland, and off-shore locations. If you are looking for any type of company formation in Dubai mainland or any other areas, we can make the whole process hassle-free and enjoyable. We have an experienced and knowledgeable team of business formation consultants who can support and guide you in every stage of your business formation in Dubai.

We are the most preferred consultancy firm for business formation in Dubai on account of our unmatched expertise and knowledge of the diverse Dubai government rules and regulations regarding business formation in Dubai. We guarantee the best business formation solution that is perfectly customized for you.

As you are aware, business formation in Dubai is quite a task, as it involves strict adherence to various rules and regulations, and meeting certain requirements. Our business formation services take care of the whole gamut of forming a company in Dubai, be it obtaining the required trade licenses and visas or finding a reliable local sponsor.

Business Formation in Dubai: The Advantages

Dubai is the most attractive trading hub in the Middle East and is a multicultural city with a vibrant economy. The city offers a supportive business environment for entrepreneurs to set up businesses and thrive. Dubai is famed for the ease of doing business, great profit-earning potential, and tax benefits.

However, one needs to carefully negotiate the process of business formation in Dubai. It is a complex and tedious task involving following multiple procedures and adherence to several rules and regulations. From selecting the right jurisdiction and obtaining various licenses to the diverse documents that are to be submitted, getting the right credit lines, and the visa process, business formation involves rigorous planning and meticulous execution. However, we can make the complex process of business formation in Dubai much easier for you.

IBM Global: Your Best Partner

Our business consultants possess relevant experience and knowledge about the Dubai market and government rules related to business formation in Dubai. We are a legally licensed business formation consultant in Dubai, duly registered with the Department of Economic Development. Our status as a legally recognized channel partner of Dubai mainland, free zones, and offshore jurisdictions, as also various financial institutions and government agencies, makes us a preferred agency for business formation in Dubai.

If you are looking for an efficient and reliable consultancy for business formation services in Dubai, IBM Global is your one-stop-shop. We offer highly professional business consultancy services at competitive rates.

As already stated, the laws, rules, and regulations applicable to business formation in Dubai are varied and intricate, and we boast a professional team of business consultants who know all these inside out. This is why we rank first among the many business consultants in Dubai.

We know every business is unique, and every business owner has his/her vision and mission. Our business formation services are tailored to meet all your specific needs and demands across the corporate, commercial, financial, regulatory, administrative, licensing, and trading levels.

What sets us apart from others is our unyielding commitment to honesty and transparency in all our business dealings and a passion for excellence.

Business Formation in Dubai: Know the Process

To successfully set up a business in Dubai is a process with multiple stages. How efficient you are in your multiple dealings with various government departments and ministries has a huge effect on how easily you can form your business here. With our expertise and connections, we can speed up the process of business formation in Dubai and help you launch your business without much delay.

Our business formation in Dubai services are exhaustive and covers labor contract creation, passport clearance, immigration services, business licenses, trademarks, copyrights, and certification. Our solutions extend to offering the best secretarial services and nominee shareholder services as well.

We are Unique

We offer the following business formation services in Dubai:

Professional Corporate Services

True to our leading position among the business formation consultants in Dubai, IBM Global provides the full range of corporate services. Our corporate services are professional, reliable, and customized, and we follow industry best practices.

Unmatched Financial Services:

The significance of ensuring peak fiscal performance can’t be underscored. This is why we offer the whole gamut of financial services covering trade financing, account outsourcing, and professional financial management. Our strategic advice empowers you to achieve all your cash flow objectives.

Remain competitive

Dubai is a highly competitive market, where businesses of all hues and shades compete for market share. To succeed in this market requires great management skills and insights. We offer advanced technology-driven, optimized management solutions that support the administrative, accounting, and human resource functions across the free zone, mainland, and offshore jurisdictions in the UAE. The list of services also includes corporate professional training and development services.

Reliable Legal Services:

Getting embroiled in legal cases can severely damage your brand image. Running your business without any legal entanglements requires deep knowledge about potential legal violations and infringements while dealing with trademarks, intellectual property rights, patents, and copyrights. Also, you need to draft legal documents to respond to various allegations and infringements. We take care of all these satisfactorily.

Efficient PRO Services:

We can provide you with efficient PRO services that cover document clearance, immigration, licensing, copyrights, etc. Book your free consultation with us, and we can help you make informed decisions about business setup in Dubai.

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