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Banking Services in Dubai

Banking Services in Dubai

IBM Global provides the best business bank account in Dubai and helps you to experience better managing, saving, and growing your money in one of the most reputed banks in Dubai and across the UAE.

IBM Global is one of the growing business banking consultancy companies in the UAE that provides services for all the types of bank account opening assistance in the UAE and Globally. At IBM Global we have strong professional banking consultants for business accounts on Offshore, Onshore, Free zones, and Mainland throughout the Emirates in the UAE.

IBM Global have strong relationships with all major banks in the UAE so that investors find it easy to open bank accounts in Dubai. Offshore companies have the highest level of risk and are the most difficult to open however bank officials will visit our office and sign documents from the owners of the newly established company or existing company owners of our clients.

IBM Global Middle East FZCO is formed by experienced corporate Bankers, We are managing variant of business clients globally and providing a expertise solution advisory for our clients business with high level professional banking services in Dubai and across the UAE.

banking services in dubai

Bank Accounts Types

banking services in dubai

Corporate Bank Account

This one is the most popular type of bank account. Once the businesses obtain their trade license, they apply for a resident corporate bank account. The bank account might also be required as a part of the licensing process in some cases. However, mostly, companies open this bank account after the authorized signatory gets a residence visa in the UAE.

It has the following features-
  • Cheque book facility
  • The account holder can avail bank facilities
  • Online banking facility
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Dedicated account manager
banking services in dubai

Non-Resident personal Bank Account

In case the authorized signatory does not have a UAE residency, he has the option to go for a non-resident bank account Dubai. A non-resident bank account is restrictive in nature, and one needs to fulfill. Extensive KYC requirements to open an account. Further, it takes along period to open a non-resident bank account.

It has the following features-
  • Limited bank facilities are available
  • Online banking only
  • Debit card and credit card facilities are not available
banking services in dubai

Off-Shore Bank Account

An offshore bank account offers the following features:

  • Extra secured and have the highest privacy level
  • Allows.100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • Fast to open
  • Can be opened without UAE Residence Visa
  • Have no currency or funds transfer restrictions
  • Have user-friendly online banking system
  • Not eligible for cheque books, credit or debit cards,. And ATMs

And Also will Assist for below:-

  • Corporate account foreign companies.
  • Corporate bank account for British Virgin Islands (BVI) or Foreign Offshore companies.
  • Bank Accounts for Crypto business related companies
  • Corporate account for Regulated and non-Regulated financial related companies.
  • Payment Gateway service, Pool Accounts options.

banking services in dubai

Personal account

A character document is a document to be used to use a character for that person's requirements. For financial assistance services or banking services, a couple of instances of character information are customers, dealers , etc.
It is a document that a person uses for functions aside from enterprise in the corporate account. We use this document for little by little and trendy expenses. In addition to banking services in Dubai, we use a character document for our preserve helps, which have now no longer been invested.

It has the accompanying highlights:
  • Take a look at card Internet banking office
  • The report holder can advantage financial institution office
  • Devoted report supervisor
banking services in dubai

Escrow account

An escrow bank account is a pariah document in which sources are saved earlier than moving to an entire social occasion. It offers safety from stunts and cheats, mainly with excessive asset regard.
According to IBM banking services technology in Dubai, escrows service online can deliver a liberated from any peril method for coordinating income for all social affairs. Pinnacle banks license beginning and running diverse information for oversees direction segments. So, at last, escrow banking services in Dubai is going with channel support in financial assistance.

It has the accompanying highlights:

  • Restricted financial institution workplaces are accessible
  • Internet banking only
  • Check card and Visa aren't accessible

International bank account services Dubai

International bank account

Open an offshore bank account: An offshore account is a monetary substance that gives cash-associated businesses. Besides, its strategies spreading out with whom they cooperate in offshore banking.
We can pick out to open an Overall Monetary equilibrium in one in every of 3 essential cash-associated guidelines in offshore bank account online.
It is easy to hold unsleeping with the maximum recent for the non-resident bank account. With induction to global, we may look at our document every time it fits you in the offshore bank account.

It has the accompanying highlights:
  • Extra got and have the most noteworthy security level
  • Quick to open
  • Have easy to use web based financial use.
  • Have no currency or asset move limitations
banking services in dubai

Transaction advisory

Transaction advisory services are the untouchable businesses procured from successful companies or journey for corporate bank accounts. They assist us in dealing with all the obligations associated with your trades from the beginning past what many could remember feasible options.

The alternate cautioning companies assist the enterprise in getting greater plans and permit assistance to lower opportunities. The overseas bank account provides more than one business, which includes essential and monetary direction, at the same time as finishing a direction of action. Furthermore, corporate savings accounts have a dynamic contribution to managing more than one business, including IT and food.

Financial Assistance Services Dubai

We provide corporate facilities to companies of all sizes. All businesses whether small or large, require sound financial assistance and management and control systems in place. We will help our clients in planning cash flow and requirements of working capital for short term and long term. We will analyze the business transactions and movement of funds i,e inflow and outflow of funds and ascertain the requirements of additional funds brought into the business and advice clients regarding the suitable financing mix to suit their business

financial assistance services dubai

Letter of Credit (LC's from Local Banks and Global Banks)

A Letter of Credit is a letter and a guaranty issued from a bank to a seller, guaranteeing that a buyers’ payment with correct amount will be received by a seller on time. A letter of credit contains all the details to ensure that all parties have clarity and they are on the same page.

IBM Global can arrange Letter of Credit to fulfil your business requirement in UAE.

banking services in dubai

Standby Letter of Credit(SBLC from Global provider)

SBLC or a Stand By Letter of Credit is a payment guarantee issued by a bank or financial institution that can be used for a wide range of commercial and financial transactions, local or international. This can be very helpful in protecting the seller or exporter and the buyer or the importer in getting paid and receiving ordered goods as in agreed conditions. SBLC is a direct guarantee of the bank to pay the recipient on a client’s behalf if he or she defaults. Some of the most common situations an SBLC is used in are repayment of trade loans, delivery of goods on an open account basis, or securing payment for goods/ services delivered by third parties.

With years of experience in the industry, at IBM Global we are experts in offering reliable SBLC services for businesses of all industries and all sizes. Get in touch with us today with your inquiry.

Bank guarantee's Dubai

Bank Guarantee's(Local banks/ NBFC and Global)

  • Bid / Tender Bond
  • Performance Bond Guarantee
  • Advance Payment Guarantee

In business, sometimes a situation may arise when a client asks to do business through Letter of Credit or a Financial Guarantee from a third party. To execute this process, services of expert banking consultants are required.

IBM Global can assist you in arranging bank guarantee in such situations. We will coordinate with the leading banks on behalf of you.

Letter of credit discounting Dubai

Letter of Credit Discounting

It is a form of short-term credit for a seller by a bank. Through discounting, a seller gets paid immediately even if a buyer wants to have credit period.

IBM Global helps its clients in L/C discounting in Dubai or anywhere in UAE.

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